What to Expect

Let's do this!

Sign up for a league
Register for an upcoming league. Start a team or join one as a free agent.


PLAYNOLA places free agents and merges teams
One week before the league begins, a $5 late fee will be added to registrations. And if your team has not met the minimum roster requirement, free agents will be placed on your roster or you may be merged with another incomplete team. Please note that we do not reserve spots for returning teams. All league are first come, first served.


First game scheduled and welcome email with league details sent to all players
No later than four days before the league begins, all free agents will be placed and the first week's schedule will be posted online. All registered players will receive a welcome email with help information about the league, including shirts, team assignments, rain out policy, code of conduct, etc.


League begins and team shirts to check-in with the coordinator and grab your team shirts! After your game, delivered to field
On the morning of your first game, players will receive a game reminder email. You can RSVP to let your team know if you'll be there. Show up 15 minutes early to check-in with the coordinator and grab your team shirts ((if you registered BEFORE the t-shirt deadline). If not, your shirt won't ' be ready. After your game head to your league's sponsor bar!


Remaining regular season schedule posted
A couple of days after the first games, the remaining regular season schedule will be posted. If you have any schedule requests, these must be made before all games are posted.


Team photos will be taken
On the third week of games, your coordinator will take team photos. These will later be posted on Facebook. Make sure to tag everyone! You can also check us out on Twitter and Instagram!


Registration opens for the next season
Normally, by the halfway point of the current season, registration will open for the next season. Most, if not all, leagues sell out, so be sure to lock-up your spot sooner than later.


Playoffs and consolations begin
A couple of days after the final regular season games, the playoff and consolation schedule will be published. Rosters will be locked and substitutes will not be allowed to play.


League wrap-up email sent to all players; time to re-register
A couple of days after the championship and season have concluded, all players will receive a league wrap-up email, including the option to easily register again for the next season. Champions will also receive their discount.


Join our team
We're always looking for new referees and staff. If you love playing with us, try working with us. Staff plays for free!