Want to earn credits towards your next league registration? Then give us a hand! Starting in Spring 2017, we're introducing "PLAYNOLA Bucks," a way for players to help us and our leagues when we're in a pinch.


Here are a few ways you earn some "Bucks":


  • Field Checks: Drop by a field to ensure it's playable for that night.

Those afternoon rain storms jeopordize field conditions.  And sometimes, the field is closer to your home/work than it is to us.  Stop by, check it out, and let us know if we're still good to go!


  • On-call Referee: Jump in and referee a game.

​Sometimes your teammates get stuck at work and you need a substitute.  It happens to us, too!  Jump onto our team and help keep the games going that night by subbing as a referee.


  • Represent PLAYNOLA: Spread the word about our leagues and events.

​At various times during the year you can find us at events and festivals around the city.  Get behind our table and tell everyone how great we are and encourage them to play and/or work with us!  Not only can you earn some "Bucks," but you also get to experience these events...which sometimes includes extra swag, new friends, or even drinks!


  • Special Event Staff: Pick up a shift at one of our special events.

​PLAYNOLA hosts various special events during year: corporate field days, tournaments, races, etc.  Often, we need extra staff for these one-time weekend events to: monitor games, tally scores, register participants, setup, breakdown, and more.  Another great way to help us bring fun to companies in and around our city!




(In Most Cases ß1 = $1)

Field Check

10 bucks

Referee One Game

10 bucks

Represent 1-3 hr Shift

25 bucks

Represent 3+ hr Shift

50 bucks

Special Event 1-3 hr Shift

30 bucks

Special Event 3+ hr Shift

60 bucks



What do you think?  Interested in making playNOLA even better while earning some credits to play?  Then fill out the availability form and we'll be in touch with you!


Or maybe this looks like so much fun you'd just like to join our part-time staff immediately!?  Complete our online application today!


Questions?  Contact Jake by email ( or by phone (504-708-4330 ext. 3)


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